Robert McConaghy, Realtor, CLC, Owner

With over 20 years in the real estate industry, my unique expertise fully encompasses all aspects of the real estate life cycle from acquisition and sales to credit underwriting, appraisal reviews, large scale real estate development, title, 1031 exchanges and specialized expertise in working with short sale and foreclosure properties both from the bank and consumer perspective.
I have assisted residents in the San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties achieve their goals by providing a unique skill set and a deep understanding of the real estate industry from the purchase, sales, and finance perspectives; in addition to real estate, I have a robust background and education centered on accounting, finance and national economics. As negotiation is key to any successful deal; I have spent several years working with attorneys and legal entities throughout fourteen states in partnership with top legal firms with a stellar record of successfully negotiating resolution of complex real estate transactions.
With specialization in complex, fully analyzed, commercial property underwriting, I have personally underwritten over $350 million dollars in credit and have managed some of the largest and most complex commercial deals on the Central Coast.
Through workings with our partner company, RKM Capital Group, I have an advanced understanding in the real estate investment sector. With experience in working with assets totaling over $400 million dollars, I can add our guidance through experience and knowledge to assist clients whether its your first investment property purchase or if you are a seasoned investor looking to add a new property to your portfolio. Investment real estate specilization includes investor quality multi-family and storage properties with current property ownership consisting of multiple 300+ unit class A facilities.
• Commercial Lending Certified: ABA
• West Coast Business Banking Academy Graduate - Wells Fargo Commercial Banking
• Commercial Cash Flow Analysis: Linda Keith CPA
• A/R & Inv, CRE Analysis, Commercial Lending I & II, Finance & Accounting: Omega Performance
• Financial Engineering
• Principals of Banking: ABA
• 1031 Exchange Analysis: IPX360
• Effectively Resolving Distressed loans, Avoiding Bankruptcy Clawback Actions, When an Obligor Files Bankruptcy, Lender Liability, Lending to Trusts, Bankruptcy and SBA: Husch/Blackwell
• SBA Lending 1,2&3, SBA Guarantee Process, Collateral Procedure & Charge off Process, SBA Workout & Litigation, SBA Modification: RMA